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Ray Florio is the health consultant whom wrote the article, he can be contacted at ray@holisticselfgenesis.com. I ran into Ray  in Tempe AZ while I was in my training at Inner Vision Yoga. Ray is a presence of high energy mentally and physically  and an expert in his field.

Yoga Diet

Article on Nutrition with an opinion of the best yoga diet written for and edited by Arrest Me.

Written by Ray Florio, Health editor for Jetset Magazine and Private Health Consultant.

In Motion Yoga supports proper nutrition. Following the tips below will heighten your yoga practice. It is a good guide to take into consideration to maintain the physical body throughout the entire workout. In Motion Yoga would like you to consider different substances affecting chi. This article

Yogi Bhajan always emphasized how important it was to strengthen the navel center, which is our main energy source. Foods, along with their flavors and temperatures have a direct effect on how well chi is cultivated and how balance can be maintained throughout all seasons.

All food should be eaten at least 2 hours before and an hour and a half before if it’s very light. It’s best to make sure hydration is taken care of at least a half hour before practice and not until a half hour after. 30 minutes before and after practice are the most important times to make sure chi is not lost. Cold drinks and water will especially have an adverse effect on the flowing of energy during this time.

If practicing outside, use a rubber mat so kidney chi does not get absorbed into the earth. Warm tea at least 40 minutes after can nourish the physical and spiritual body. Use a sour flavor to nourish the muscles. Lemon is sour. It helps alkalize the body and is very cleansing. It also helps suppress the appetite.

Chi and blood flow together. Cleansing the blood is important in detoxification, which can help strengthen chi. One of the best blood cleansers for humans, is the blood of plants; chlorophyll. Burdock root made into an infusion is very good. Basic and most important, but sometimes overlooked, is the quality of water one drinks. Pure spring water stored in a glass bottle is always best.

A raw food diet should always include some hot foods like soups and teas. Eating all cold foods will not help with the build up of heat in the second chakra and can cause many imbalances.

When eating vegan, there are many details to know that can prevent disturbances in the body systems.

Soy (Tofu) – Don’t eat it unless it’s fermented. Even then I suggest staying away from it. Most people eat soy for its protein, but with all the other great protein sources available, why risk your health with soy when it can easily be replaced with a much better source? Most soy is genetically modified, and studies show that it is one of the major things that causes hormone imbalance, especially in women. It’s no coincidence that it is marketed as a health product specifically for women. Soybean oil is also included in many processed foods now as an attempt for the food to appear healthier. You’ll notice it’s usually right next to partially hydrogenated oil and high fructose corn syrup. Read ingredient labels always.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids – Some still say plant based omega 3’s are good enough for the human body, but plant based sources are medium chain fatty acids, when the body also needs long chain. Long chain omega 3’s in the form of EPA and DHA are necessary for proper brain function. Too much plant based omega 3s have to be eaten in order to be converted into long chains in the body. Most “vegans” I know eat fish anyway, so get a high quality fish or krill oil.

Written by:

Ray Florio for In Motion Yoga LLC

Edited by:

Joe Young

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Launching Yoga and Fitness Promotional Site

Launching inmotionyogallc.com for fitness professionals

Launching inmotionyogallc.com for fitness professionals

Launching Yoga and Fitness Promotional Site at: inmotionyogallc.com on July 15th, 2014

In Motion Yoga  launches promotional website for Yoga and Fitness Professionals. The site is a free source for teachers / instructors to promote themselves and their practice.

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inmotionyogallc.com  will launch on July 15th, 2014.

contact teachersupport@inmotionyogallc.com

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In Motion Yoga / Arrest MeClinton Is Passing out the Cubans continued. please read story below and come back to this one.

My time is important to me


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Be Well,

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I hit the goal of 1000 likes in 24 hours on Facebook, Thank You to those that participated.

I hit the goal of 1000 likes in 24 hours on Facebook, It is still climbing. Thank you to those that participated. Please help “Arrest Me” by posting this on your page.Be Well,Joe Young


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